Nice Giant Eland hunt in Mayo Rey, Cameroon - Bel Elan de Derby chassé au Cameroun
West African Savannah Buffalo, one of the Big Five, hunt on Mayo Rey area - Buffle de savane chassé
Bohor Reedbuck antelope hunt in Mayo Rey area, Cameroon - Chasse du Cobe des roseaux au Cameroun
Central Kob is one the antelope species you can hunt on Mayo Rey, Cameroon - Cobe de Buffon chassé a
Very nice Harnessed Bushbuck shot in Mayo Rey, Cameroon - Guib Harnaché tiré au Cameroun
Roan Antelope trophy from Mayo Rey area in Cameroon - Hippotrague chassé au Cameroun
Western Hartebeest hunted on Mayo Rey area, in Cameroon in 2020 - Bubale tiré sur la zone de chasse
Python hunt in Mayo rey area, Cameroon, in 2020
Sing Sing Waterbuck hunt on special license, in Mayo Rey area in Cameroon
Very nice Lord Derby Eland hunt in Mayo Rey area in Cameroon in February 2020