Our hunting areas are situated from 6 to 8-hour drive east and north-east of Libreville, along the most famous National Parks of the country, including Ivindo and Lope National Parks. These areas cover several thousand hectares of pristine, true rainy forest, and you will hunt with your professional guide and local hunters, calling, tracking and stalking Duikers! Gabon has the highest density of Duikers in all Central Africa. It is home to the elusive White-bellied Duiker or Gabon Duiker, but also to the Black-fronted Duiker, the Bay Duiker and the Peters’ Duiker, and finally the more common Blue Duiker. Yellow-backed Duiker and Red River Hog are also huntable on special license. Dwarf Buffalo is protected in Gabon, but we have secured Sitatunga licenses for our hunters every year!

Hunting season:

The hunting season is from the 16th of March to the 14th of September.


You will be staying in nice, comfortable 2 to 3* hotels situated close to our hunting areas



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