Situated at 8-hour drive from N’djamena in the south-central part of the country, the Melfi hunting area is approximately 150,000 hectares wide. It is a savannah area, covered by hills and it is now the only big game hunting area opened in Chad! It is a very good hunting destination for the collector. On the same trip and from the same area, you will be able to harvest rare species such as the Western Greater Kudu and the Red-Fronted Gazelle (Rufifrons Gazella). You can’t hunt those two species in any other place in the world. During your hunt, you will encounter other species such as Roan Antelope or Lelwel Hartebeest for example, but also smaller animals such as Golden Jackal, Side-Flanked Jackal, Oribi, Western Bush Duiker, Egyptian and Banded Mongoose, Genet, Civet, Cape Hyrax, etc…

Hunting season:

From January to end of April.


Very comfortable air-conditioned camp composed of bungalows with en-suite facilities.


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