Our approach

W e offer hunting trips for dedicated hunters wishing to discover new destinations and broaden their hunting experience, and for collectors seeking rare trophy species in unusual destinations. We have many years of experience with the countries where we specialize, and work with the very best partners in each of them

Travels and Expeditions approaches every client’s needs as if they were our own, making every provision for the client’s travels. We put ourselves in your shoes, align our interests and objectives with yours, and work to develop a relationship of trust and confidence. Know that you can depend on us for the best advice and information, whether we are serving as outfitter or agent on your hunt.

We also believe in true results, even if “hunting is hunting,” as the saying goes. We are focused on results in term of trophies but also in term of experiences. True results require tailored services. We are devoted to “guide” you as best as possible in every possible way before, during and after your hunt. We are committed to promoting ethical hunting and raising the standards in our industry.

The destinations we propose you are the ones we love the best. Our experience will allow you to safely travel, hunt and enjoy some of the very best journeys of your hunting career, whether you are in Africa, Europe or Asia.

Finally, we consider that hunting is as much about personal interactions and relationships as it is about collecting trophies. This is the reason why we arrange hunts with outfitters and professional hunters we know, knowing they will provide for the most skilled, helpful, and friendly personnel on your hunt.

Discover our unique offers. We invite you to contact Travels and Expeditions for a tailor-made proposal for your next hunt.